A Denim Richards Film

The Zoo is a historical drama short film introducing the world to the concept of The Forgotten Ones, which explores the wider forgotten experiences of blacks, homosexuals, Gypsies, and Russian POW's during Hitler’s Holocaust. 


In just about every decade since WWII, cinema has been fascinated with depicting and dissecting Nazi Germany and the Holocaust from almost every angle imaginable. From films like Charlie Chaplin’s Hitler and Schindler’s List, to SVOD’s Man in the High Castle and Hunters – the third Reich and its ghastly aftermath has been documented, examined, and retold countless times. Yet it’s never been addressed from the black perspective. Yes! Black people were there too - as well as homosexuals, and gypsies.  


After months of research discovering and confirming these stories indeed existed, it became my personal mission to make a film that would speak on behalf of those forgotten ones who never had a chance to speak for themselves.


The Forgotten Ones takes you on an intense emotional and spiritual ride in the hope that you will walk away from it feeling empowered, strengthened and informed. This film has shown me that regardless of our varying demographics, we are more alike than different; each of us has faced and overcome extreme circumstances. Only through the sovereignty of the human spirit are we able to get through such trying times. The Forgotten Ones illustrates this power within each of us.


Enjoy the journey.